Geek of the North – The End


GOTN2013_600sqSince I haven’t been producing this podcast for a LONG TIME, and I don’t think that will change, I’m podfading Geek Of The North as a podcast.

I will keep the feed going, I will keep going as a Blog.

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TPN Weekly #97

I got to host the TPN Weekly podcast over at

TPN Weekly #97 for May 20th , 2013

Welcome to Tech Podcast Network weekly show. I’m Mike Dell, host of Geek of the North – Relaxed tech talk. Offbeat tech such as Farm Tech, Aviation, Ham Radio, Broadcasting (Radio and TV), Automotive and some History and The Podcasting Tech coach – How to for the nuts and bolts of podcasting. The Website, plugins, audio recording, software and such.

Coast Guard retiring the HU-25 Falcon Jet. 50th anniversary of Dassault Aviation and replacing it with the HC-144a

Hamvention 2013 – Dayton Ohio. – Hamvention Live stream

TPN CES coverage and TPN RoundTable

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Heading to Dayton Hamvention this weekend

For the 21st year in a row, I am heading down to Dayton Ohio for the Hamvention. Hamvention is a yearly ham radio trade show, conference, flea market and party. I am going this year with my friend John, KF8KK and my dad. Dave, W8TVC.

IOOK_Logo_roundIf you are going to be at hamvention and want to drop by for a chat, we will be based at the IOOK Both in the flea market area (#3349 and 2 next to it). IF I’m not at the booth, the guys there will know where I’m at.

Have a FUN weekend!

73 de N7LMJ

Geek of the North 48 – Back in the saddle again



Boeing 787 flight testing resumes. On Jan. 17, 2012 the FAA grounded the 50 787′s that were in service with 8 airlines worldwide. On march 25th, they test flew a 787 production aircraft (owned by LOT – Polish airlines) with battery modifications.

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John Deere 110 – 50 years old this year! I have 2 of these tractors that I will restore someday.

Korg Headtune Guitar tuners – Korg sent me a HT-G2 model to test out. Problem is, I don’t play guitar. I did, however, test it on my banjo and since banjo uses only B,G and D, and it’s included on the HT-G2, it worked great. But it does look funny on a Banjo looking like a guitar.

Google Keep – It’s going to replace (mostly) evernote for me. It’s simple, easy to deal with and works on my phone and tablet.

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Back from CES and Recovered (mostly)

Wow, Time flew by!!

After day 2 of the CES show in Vegas, I didn’t have time to update my blog. It was Sleep, Work and Eat… The work bringing you the CES 2013 coverage over at was nearly non-stop. When we had time to eat or sleep, we took it! We saw a TON of cool gagets and technology at the booth this year. I even got to spend a day on the floor with Jeffery Powers of Be sure to check out the posts over at: Geek News Central, Geekazine, and SDR News over the next 30 days or so.

Since I took the week off from my driving job, they made sure I kept busy last week. I am recovered from the Vegas trip and now things are back to normal with the driving job.

I will have a roundup of what I saw in Vegas in the next episode (coming soon!).